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I did this to cheer myself up, I enjoy this rant about cheerleading from Sasha from Bunheads.

(it was not easy to cap, she moves a LOT)

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writer vs. muse: the animation

I tried to scroll over this

i saw this a few times but I just realized what was happening, this is sick

Coraline: One of my favorite movies.
Claymation: One of my favorite film styles.

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Had to walk through this death trap this morning.



TL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

This is amazing, but I get the worst anxiety



I need feminism because a senator actually referred to a pregnant woman as a ‘host’.

Not a woman. Not a mother. A ‘host’.

You know what a host is?

It’s the victim of a parasite.

So this pro-life dude just made an argument against his own agenda.

And also, a host?

Fuck that shit. 

If I’m a host, then I have the right to kick an unwelcome visitor out of my house.

He may want to rethink that term.

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My PS2 adapter and extra controllers arrived! Party time! (JK I don’t have three friends to come play.)

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This project is so beautiful. Support it!

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Group Halloween Costume Idea

Sing and dance “You Don’t Own Me” all night.


As I was checking out at a shop, the guy said, “‘Day’. That’s a cool last name. If you get married are you going to change it?”
I looked at him genuinely confused. “Of course not. Do women still do that?”

Then he looked at me weird.

Is it crazy to assume that’s going out of fashion?! Or am I some weird last radical? Haha

"Do women still do that?" -my response to a lot of stuff women still do, particularly wedding/marriage-related stuff.

Commence “You Don’t Own Me” karaoke…